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Georgian Dishes: From A to Z

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Georgian Dishes: From A to Z

The Georgian alphabet consists of 33 letters and is included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. We want to introduce our alphabet through Georgian cuisine and choose 34 Georgian dishes.

Yes, 34. We could not choose between Khachapuri and Khinkali.

Meet the Georgian culinary alphabet:

ა [A] – Ajapsandali (A summer dish made from stewed vegetables)
ბ [B] Bazhe (Smooth Georgian walnut sauce)
გ [G] – Gozinaki (Sweet bomb made of nuts and honey)
დ [D] – Dambalkhacho (It is made from buttermilk cottage cheese that remains after churning butter)
ე [E] – Elarji (Cornmeal with Sulguni cheese)
ვ [V] – Varia  (Megrelian chicken dish)
ზ [Z] – Zutkhi (Sturgeon with coriander and vinegar sauce)
თ [T] – Tatarberagi (Boiled cured dough, onion)
ი [I] – Ispanakhi’s borani (Spinach dish)
კ [K] – Kupati (Offal Sausage)
ლ [L] – Lobio (Georgian Bean dish)
მ [M] – Mchadi (Georgian Cornbread – without Cheese)
ნ [N] – Nazuki (Georgian Spice Bread)
ო [O] – Ojakhuri (Baked Pork and Potatoes)
პ [P] – Prasi nigvzit (Leeks with nuts)
ჟ [Zh] – Zhipitauri (a type of alcoholic drink, vodka)
რ [R] – Rachuli Lobiani (Bean Stuffed Bread from Racha)
ს [S] – Satsivi (Chicken Walnut Stew)
ტ [T] – Tolma (Stuffed Vine Leave)
უ [U] – Unabi (Jujube) jam
ფ [Ph] – Phelamushi (The glutinous grape based coating used in Churchkhela is turned into a big gel block and served in                                           chunks)
ქ [Q] – Qababi (Minced Meat Georgian Kebab)
ღ [Gh] – Ghomi (Traditional Georgian dish from western region of Samegrelo. It is made with cornmeal and slices of                                          cheese put in the hot portions to melt before tasting)
ყ [K] – Kaurma (Delicious Georgian dish made with beef)
შ [Sh] – Shkmeruli (Chicken in Milk and Garlic sauce)
ჩ [Ch] – Churchkhela (Georgian Snickers)
ც [Ts] – Tskhvari (Lamb) with quince
ძ [Dz] – Dzrokhis ena arazhnis sousit (Beef Tongue in Sour Cream Sauce)
წ [Ts] – Tsandili (Traditional Georgian dessert prepared with cereal seasoned with raisins and walnuts)
ჭ [Ch] – Chvishtari (Cheesy Cornbread)
ხ [Kh] – Khachapuri (Cheese-filled bread) & Khinkali (Georgian dumpling)
ჯ [J] – Jonjoli (Staphylea with onion and vinegar)
ჰ [H] – Hasutha (Adjarian dessert)


Soon you will be offered the top 10 Georgian dishes, until that, we want to let you know that 7 dishes of the 34 listed in the alphabet are Vegan and 5 Vegetarian.

Georgian Vegan Dishes:
Ajapsandali, Bazhe, Tatarberagi, Spinach, Lobio (Beans), Leeks with Nuts, Jonjoli with Onions and Vinegar.

Georgian Vegetarian Dishes:
Dambalkhacho, Elarji, Ghomi, Chvishtari and Khachapuri.

The list also included some Georgian sweets:
Gozinaki, Nazuki, Phelamushi, Jujube jam, Churchkhela, Tsandili and Hasutha.

Which is your Favorite Georgian Dish?