Privacy Policy

Created on 7.09.2019

This Privacy Policy explains and provides how GuestMe collects, processes and uses User’s personal data in relation to User’s access to and use of the We may modify and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time and updated version will be posted on the website.


  1. Collection and usage of information

1.1 Account Information

1.1.1. If you create an Account directly on our Websites, we’ll collect certain information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, email address, and year of birth (“PII”).

1.1.2. If you create an Account using your login credentials from Facebook account, we’ll be able to access and collect your name and email address and other PII that your privacy settings permit us to access. We don’t receive or store passwords for Facebook account.

1.1.3. If you create an Account and you are a host, we will collect additional information from you which will be used to create your host profile. This host profile and your information is used to provide our Services. This information may include: your name, email address, date of birth, home address, telephone number, and biographical information that you choose to share in order to create your Host Profile.

1.2 Reviews about User

If someone has published a review about User, it will be published on User’s profile page.

1.3 Booking

In addition to creating an account, you may also decide to create a booking to use our Services. When creating a booking, we collect additional information needed to process and provide our Services. If you create a booking directly through our Website, we may collect the names of your guests, your local telephone number or hotel address, any request for transportation as an additional service, and allergy and dietary restriction information. Payment for these Services will be processed through TBC Bank, a third-party processor (described below). Your credit card is only charged when your host confirms your booking.

1.4 Sharing information

GuestMe lets Users publish information that is visible to the general public, including, but not limited to:

User’s public profile page, time availability of each dinner, photos describing the dinner (take into consideration that photos may show more dishes than included in your offer, so read the description for checking the menu), and after completion of the booked dinner, guests may write and review hosts. Reviews are a part of User’s public profile page;

1.4.1 Other Account Holders

Each guest and their applicable Host will, upon receipt of a confirmation of confirmed Booking, be made aware of each other’s respective identity and contact information. This means that if you are a guest, we will share your name and email address with the host, and we may share your telephone number with the host, and if you are a host, we will share your name, home address, and email address with the guest, and we may share your telephone number with the guest. This is necessary in order to provide the Services.

1.4.2 Our Services Providers

We may engage third party service providers to work with us to administer and provide the Services, including payment processors (such as TBC Bank), used to process payments for our hosts and guests, database and web services company, used to securely store our data and act as web server, used to improve our website performance. These third-party services providers have access to your PII only for the purpose of performing the Services on our behalf and are expressly obligated not to disclose or use your PII for any other purpose.

1.4.3 Our Partners

We may work with partners that operate guided tour services in locations in which we offer our Services. Such partners will promote our Services, and we may share information about hosts located in those locations to allow these partners to make host bookings. These partners include travel agents, tour operators, and online tour and activity providers. This information will be limited to name, age, email address and local telephone number, which will only be used to conduct the Services; this information will also be shared with the relevant Host that guest has booked in order to deliver the Services they have signed up for.

1.4.4 Third Parties

We may share aggregated information and non-identifying information with third parties for industry research and analysis, demographic profiling and other similar purposes.

1.4.5 Tax Authorities

We may be required to share User’s information and data relating to them or to their transactions, bookings to the relevant tax authorities, including, but not limited to, the Host or guest’s name, experiences addresses, transaction dates and amounts, tax identification number(s), the amount of taxes received (or due).

1.5 Marketing Information

When creating an Account with us or by providing your email address, we use it for a newsletter subscription, to consent to the receipt of newsletters and other information that may be of interest to you. If you decide at any time that you no longer wish to receive such communications from us, please write us on with the subject “privacy policy”.



GuestMe does not collect, process or share User’s personal information concerning payment instruments used to allow payment by User of the amounts due for the dining services and experiences. Currently payments on the are managed through TBC Bank, the online payment processing for internet businesses. Users share their payment information and data directly with TBC Bank. We may share with bank other personal information, like User’s name and address.



We employ Cookies and monitor our visitor behavior on our website to ensure that we provide the best practice to our users while they visit our website and are able to continuously improve the quality of our service.

We are gathering information on cookies, visitor navigation and behavior on the website, in particular:

  • IP address, type of device, operating system and browser;

  • Pages opened via our website, session duration and other parameters;

  • Information on the actions taken on our website: filling out forms, using interactive elements of the website, etc.

  • Process, time and manner of filling out the website fields.

We use the obtained information for the following purposes:

  • To create and maintain the website statistics for the optimization of processes;

  • To protect the website visitors and prevent fraudulent actions;

  • To assess the control of website visitor flow and marketing campaign;

  • To establish how our users visit our website and to draw up the Google Analytics reports.

Before you start the use of our website, you can accept cookies and have your user behavior monitored by clicking the button “approval”. If you do not agree with the „Cookie Policy”, though you can continue to use our website, this action shall still be considered your approval of the mentioned action. We are not using the cookie files and the data obtained as a result of monitoring the user behavior for the purpose of gathering the personal information. If you wish to restrict the cookie or block them on our website, you can do it by changing your browser parameters.


You can always opt not to disclose information to GuestMe. However, some information may be needed to use our services.

4.1 Cookies

You can accept or reject cookies through clicking on the banner image visible on the homepage or other site navigation pages. You can also do so by adjusting your web browser controls.

4.2 Exercising Your Data Subject Rights

You have the right to access, review, update, rectify, and delete any personal information that GuestMe holds about you, or exercise any other data subject rights available to you under applicable data protection laws. If you want to delete your PII and your Account, you can do so through the Settings page in your Account, or you can contact us at with your request.


If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at: