Terms of Use

Drawn on 13th September 2019

Given website is regulated by established rules and conditions of GuestMe.

Term „GuestMe", „GuestMe.ge", „Platform", „Intermediate", „Company" foresees administrative party of the web, and terms „you", „client", „supplier", „purchaser" indicate individual, company, legal entity that use www.guestme.ge.

Please carefully read about rules and conditions that regulate given website. By visiting website and publishing information in it you certify and give consent to the given rules that can be changed unilaterally by us that is given on the website and by visiting you give consent to these conditions.


Registered customer

  • Represents physical and legal entity that use website as supplier or purchaser;
  • Registered customer fills all the required information which is necessary for accomplishing the registration and certifies that given information is true;

  • Registered customer is obliged to protect the copyright;

  • Supplier is obliged to consent or refuse reservation within the three (3) hour period after making it if the reservation has been accomplished within the period of 10:00-20:00 period of time and if after 20:00, response to the reservation must be accomplished before 13:00 (next day);

  • Registered customer insures security of own client’s profile. In case of illegal intrusion into the client’s profile administration takes no responsibility for it;

  • Customer is obliged to foresee local legislation;

  • Customer is obliged to insure purchaser’s and own safety. Administration is not responsible for such security.



  • Accomplishes intermediate service between registered supplier and purchaser;
  • Intermediate manages GuestMe.ge;

  • Intermediate is obliged according to the requirement make customer’s page;

  • Intermediate is obliged to discuss any changes which supplier makes on his/her own profile and certify or refuse this amendment;

  • Intermediate is obliged to insure that purchaser receives his/her payment for the service;

  • Intermediate is not responsible for the quality of the service.


Payment rules/payment for the services

  • From the sold product/service intermediate receives commission share;
  • Intermediate receives amount from purchaser and within the reasonable period transfers it to supplier (maximal 7 days period after accomplishing the order) via non cash transfer;

  • „Supplier“ authorizes „Intermediate“ for each order to receive „order amount “ on behalf of „Supplier“;

  • Each side individually is responsible for tax obligations; „Intermediate“ is not responsible for any tax obligations of the „Supplier“.


Canceling the order

  • During accomplishing the order purchaser selects appropriate product quantity, time of delivery and conditions for purchasing. Consent for service and/or product purchase price and conditions finally is placed on the website and represents agreed agreement drawn between parties;

  • It is forbidden to make deceptive canceling of the order for the aim not to pay the commission fee to the intermediate;

  • Registered customer cancels the order only by the requesting the desire to cancel it. Any other mean ( phone call to intermediate, to seller/purchaser, notifying by email, and other) is not accepted and intermediate is authorized to receive the commission fee;

  • Purchaser has the right to cancel the order 24 ahead before visiting the host. He/She has the right to receive the paid amount back via bank transfer (subtracting the bank fee);

  • If there is less than 24 hours left until dinner, the guest does not receive paid amount back. 50% (excluding transfer fee) is received by the host;

  • If the host cancels a confirmed reservation, then the guest receives a full refund, and the host is entitled to a commission for transfer of the value of that reservation before GuestMe, which will be deducted from the next order value.


Dealing with Complaints Or Claims

  • We try to make the experience between Travelers and Hosts as enjoyable as possible. If you are a Traveler or a Host and you have an issue with a Host or Traveler (as applicable), we encourage you to reach out directly to the other party to resolve such issue, and we’ll use reasonable efforts to help you resolve the issue;

  • Both Travelers and Hosts agree to cooperate with and assist GuestMe in good faith, and to provide GuestMe with such information and take such actions as may be reasonably requested by us, in connection with any complaints or claims made by Hosts or Travelers relating to Culinary Experiences, relating to conduct of Travelers and Hosts, or with respect to any investigation undertaken by us regarding use or abuse of the Services. If you are a Traveler or a Host, upon GuestMe’s reasonable request, and to the extent you are reasonably able to do so, you agree to participate in mediation or similar resolution process with a Host or a Traveler, at no cost to you. Any such process will be conducted by us or a third party selected by GuestMe.


Processing the personal data

  • Parties are obliged to protect the confidential information of supplier/customer. Personal data can be processed only in the following conditions:

    • Before delivery of the personal data to Company must have previous consent of the customer;

    • During processing of the personal data of the customer company the Company operates on the assumption that it has fully explained to the Customer and the Customer has consented that its Personal Data may only be processed for legitimate purposes and within the required time.


Contact information

In case of any questions regarding rules and conditions, write us on following e-mail address: info@guestme.ge.